Any question will have answer unless you cannot find it.

HI, First time user! Here is some guide to help you out!Enjoy!

1. For the first time user, you will be directed to funnel recommendation page. Choose one of the funnel category and your funnel goal. Then the system will recommend several funnels for you. You may click “View More” to check out other funnels.

2. You may preview your funnel by clicking the “Eye” icon. Once you decided, you may click “Start Now” to edit your funnel.

3. Once you are in editor page, the funnel building is very straight forward.
    Text: Click on any page on your funnel and edit them with the text toolbar features eg. Bold, Font Family, Font Size, Font Color
    Image: Click on the image and choose from your computer folder. (Accepted image format: Less than 5MB & must be in PNG, JPG, JPEG & GIF format only)
    If you using mobile phone to change the image, you may snap the photo from your phone camera and upload.
    Background Image: Click on the “Pencil” icon at the top right corner to upload a new background image. (Accepted image format: Less than 5MB & must be in PNG, JPG, JPEG & GIF format only)
    Button: Click on the button and enter the button name. Choose where your button pointed to eg. Page Top, Page Middle, Contact Form.
    Social Media Link: Click the “Plus Sign” icon to add a new social media icon. Click on the existing icon to edit the link or remove it.
    Small Icon: Click on the icon and choose any icon from the list.
    Video: You need to upload your video to YouTube first. Then, paste your video URL into the “Link” field and done. (Accepted video format: YouTube video)

4. Once you complete edit your funnel, you may click the “Preview” button to check your pre-launch funnel. You can also click on the “Mobile/Desktop” icon on the top navigation bar to view your funnel in mobile mode.

5. After that, you can click on the “Publish” button and you will be directed to the “Plan Page”.

6. Click on the “Pro Plan” as this is the only plan available for all Beta User.

7. Fill in you “Subdomain” appropriately eg. and click “Next”. (Subdomain is your FREE website name, and your customer find you through this link)

8. In “Summary Page”, double check your plan detail and your subdomain.

9. Fill in the voucher code correctly and click “Check Out” button. (Voucher code eg. CRAFNEX2020 is a code sent to your email when you fill up the redeem form during promotion period, check your email if you forgot it)

10. Finally, kindly give us some feedback in the feedback form and we are welcome any genuine feedbacks or problems you have encountered.

11. Since this is a Beta Version, you won’t be charged for any money and you can click “Visit Funnel” in the “Invoice Page” to view your marketing funnel LIVE!

Register your new account at . You need to use valid email address during the registration.
Once registered, you need to open your email and click on the link attached inside your email to complete the registration process. Login with your registered email and correct password into the system.

You can click on the “forgot password” link in the login page and fill in your email.
Then, click on the link send to your email and change a new password from there.

You can change your password by going to Setting => Profile => Change Password

You can change your password by going to Setting => Profile
Click on the field you wan to update and click save.

The funnel editing is simple and straight-forward. Whatever you see on your funnel, simply click on it or any icon nearby to edit it.
You may refer to “Beginner Funnel Building Flow” section to understand how each funnel element can be edited.

You can save your funnel by clicking the “Save” button at the top navigation bar.
The system will automatically save your funnel periodically when you editing your funnel.

Yes, you can change unlimited funnels. Go to “Funnels” at the side navigation bar and choose any funnel you like to use.
(Be aware that changing funnel will replace the existing funnel, thus you shall backup your funnel data if any before replace)

You can only visit your LIVE funnel after success publish. You can visit your LIVE funnel by clicking on “Visit My Funnel” button on “Editor Page”.
You can find your link to your funnel under Setting => Domain, the subdomain section eg.

Check your connection and try again. Another issue is make sure your image uploaded is in correct format.
(Accepted image format: Less than 5MB & must be in PNG, JPG, JPEG & GIF format only). Kindly contact us if your problem persist.

Some of the funnel has fixed image width and or height. You are advised to upload larger image then the frame to avoid this issues.
Our IT team will come out with auto scale feature very soon.

Data table store all the data from your funnel contact form and/or subscription form. When your customer fill up your funnel, you will receive a notification and the data will immediately available in “Data Table” page.

Simply click on the “Export Here” button at the top navigation bar, and the data is ready to be exported in PDF format.

Those data can be used for other marketing tools in the platform eg. Email Campaign.

Of course you can. You can change your subdomain anytime as long as the format is correct and no one is using.
(Subdomain need to be at least 3 characters and in small letters only)

For Beta Version, you are limit to use subdomain for your funnel. Once the Full Version launched (very soon), you can purchase your own domain or migrate your existing domain to your funnel.

First choose your email template. Next, fill up your Sender Name(this can be your business name), Email title and Target customer.
After that, click on “Next” to start edit your email just as how you edit your funnel.
Text: Click on any page on your funnel and edit them with the text toolbar features eg. Bold, Font Family, Font Size, Font Color
Image: Click on the image and upload your image. (Accepted image format: Less than 5MB & must be in PNG, JPG, JPEG & GIF format only)
Social Media Link: Click the social media icon to add link to your social media. (If you leave the social media empty link, that social media will not show up in the email campaign)
After done with the edit, simply click “Send” to blast to all your customer.

Regardless which target customer group you picked, the system will send one copy to your email for reference.
“Contact Form” means all customers that filled up your contact form and “Subscription” means customer that filled up your subscription form.
(If your funnel did not have contact form or subscription form, the system will automatically pick for you)

Since the system utilized third part Gmail to send out the email with images, it may take some time to send out fully and you should wait until you received a success notification.

First, try again the email campaign steps and make sure the format and fields are correct.
(Especially the image format) If the problem persist, please contact us and we are here to help.

Go to Setting => Pop Out Template. Choose a pop out and edit the pop out just as how you edit your funnel.

Your pop out should show up in the moment your “LIVE” funnel loaded.

Go to Setting => Pop Out Template. Turn on/ off the “Blue” switch below the navigation bar.

You cannot change to another plan in Beta Version.

Your Beta Version is valid for one month. However, you can continue use your funnel with new features before we make new announcement.

Once the Beta Version is over, you can pick any plan and make payment through our secured “iPay 88” payment gateway.
We accept debit/credit card as well as online banking.

Go to Setting => Funnel and upload a favicon. (The image uploaded should be favicon size 16px X 16px)

Go to Setting => Funnel and change the “Funnel Title” field.

Go to Setting => Funnel and switch on/off the funnel as you wish. Once the funnel is turned off, your customer and you cannot visit your LIVE funnel.

Go to Setting => SEO. You can edit the keywords and funnel description to improve your funnel visibility in the Google Engine.

How and Who should I contact if I encountered a problem in the Crafsite Platform?

There are several ways to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

1. Via Contact Form Go to Setting => Contact Form

2. Facebook Messenger @ crafnex digital marketing / Whatsapp @016-208 2818
This will be probably the fastest way we can respond to you.

3. Ring us @ 016-208 2818 / Email us @ We are ready to help and assist you all day every day. Thank you.

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